Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Been Awhile...

Well I have been away for awhile, well not really away, but busy, i think the last post that I did was last day of school. I know it is now November, but other things have happened, one main thing is that I am onto number 3, yes 3 children, due in March... wow! A bit of a surprise, but all good. But now I am here to start things of with a little shake.. of the hips, the shoulders whatever you want to move. Many nights in our house while dinner is cooking or plates are getting cleaned we have dance offs. The Black Keys always gets everyone moving and I can see this one pulling through tonight. The moves this fellow makes is actually very similar to mine, I like to kind of act/dance songs out, much to the embarrassment of my children!
Cannot wait for the new album.


  1. Hey Girl!
    Congrats on the babe! 3 is the new 2:)


  2. Thanks Charysse, adding a new dynamic for sure!